We’re excited about launching our brand spanking new Facebook page. Now it’s time to find “like”-minded people to join us!

Until June 20, a generous donor will give the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation $1 for every 5 likes. This will help us grow a community and raise awareness that donating your unwanted clothing and household goods benefits the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation.

So before you decide to hold that yard sale or take items to a flea market, if you live in South Florida, consider donating those unwanted items instead. You get a tax receipt, we pick everything up and best of all, you feel good about helping an important cause.

People outside of South Florida, sorry we can’t pick your items up yet…but encourage your South Florida friends to donate, like us on Facebook and support in any way possible the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation’s efforts to fund breast cancer research, advocacy and education.

1550 likes in 15 days is an audacious goal but so is stamping out Breast Cancer by 2020. Together we can do it!