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The pickupsforbreastcancer.org website provides a simple way for you to make good use of clothing and household items you no longer need.
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Donation Guidelines South Florida

Our Donation Guidelines for South Florida

Acceptable Donations from Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Thank you for supporting the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation. We urgently need your household donations to help provide funding to support our mission to end breast cancer through advocacy, education and research. We accept most any items for donations in the South Florida area with the exception of large appliances and well-worn furniture.  Below is a list of commonly donated items for your reference:

  • Clothing (men’s, ladies, children’s)
  • Clothing accessories (belts, handbags, ties, hats)
  • Shoes (men’s, ladies, children’s)
  • Furniture (re-sellable condition and must be disassembled ready for pickup)- ONLY in South Florida
  • Cribs-Must be ASSEMBLED and not under recall
  • Mattresses (all sizes)
  • Household goods (bric-a-brac, kitchenware, etc.)
  • Bedding, sheets, towels, linens draperies and rugs
  • Electronics (all size flat screen TV’s, DVD’s, computers, video game systems, etc.)
  • Pictures and paintings
  • Antiques, collectibles and jewelry
  • Toys, bikes, games, books, CD’s

Items we do not take:

  • Large appliances
  • Washers and dryers
  • Water and platform beds
  • L Shaped Desk or larger than 5 feet
  • Magazines
  • Textbooks
  • Encyclopedias
  • Swing sets and trampolines
  • Box Spring unless it has a mattress
  • Well-worn or damaged furniture
  • Furniture not located on the ground floor
  • Wall units/Armoires
  • Pianos
  • “Box” TVs (usually projection)
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Bathroom Vanities

If you have a question on whether an item is suitable for donation, click here to contact us or please feel free to call 1-888-492-GIVE (4483).