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The pickupsforbreastcancer.org website provides a simple way for you to make good use of clothing and household items you no longer need.
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Donation Pickups in Coral Gables

Free Donation Pickups in Coral Gables

Donation Pickups in Coral GablesCoral Gables is an outstanding area of multiple cultures and beautiful architecture. From its inception, Coral Gables was designed to be an international City, thanks to the city founder George Merrick it stayed true to its vision. He is credited with having said that Coral Gables should one day become the “gateway to Latin America.” Today, there are over twenty consulates residing in the decorated city, with close relationships with “sister” cities:  Aix-en Provence, France; Cartagena, Colombia; Granada, Spain; La Antigua, Guatemala; Province of Pisa, Italy; and Quito, Ecuador (emeritus). A sister city is a relationship between two communities in different parts of the world that offer the flexibility to form connections between communities that are mutually beneficial and which address issues of concern for both parties. As you can see with the amount of sister cities it has, Coral Gables is an influential city abroad. Because Coral Gables is so dedicated to fostering good relationships, it is prime territory to add to the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation’s (FBCF) donation pickup service area. The FBCF is very interested in gathering donations from the city because the community has so much to offer, especially to our cause, breast cancer research. The local university, University of Miami, is a top-research university that has already worked with the foundation in the past to address breast cancer issues. In fact, thanks in part to a grant from the FBCF, a new Clinical Breast Cancer Research Fellowship Program was created at the UM “Braman Family Breast Cancer Institute” to provide training in clinical research methods for physicians who intend to pursue an academic career in breast cancer care.

However, UM is not the only way to contribute to the FBCF. The FBCF’s free donation pickup service collects used household items, clothing donations, and even old smartphones-all in order to fund the FBCF’s efforts in breast cancer research, advocacy and education. If you are a resident to this beautiful city, you can schedule your free Coral Gables donation pickup and our drivers will collect your donations- right from your front door! Our drivers also always leave behind a blank receipt for tax-exemptions on your upcoming tax returns.

If you do not live in the beautiful, giving city of Coral Gables you should at least take a trip through its deluxe neighborhoods. All houses are virtually looming mansions that are each styled in their own, unique way. George Edgar Merrick was the real estate genius who designed and planned the gorgeous city of Coral Gables in the early 1920. He was inspired by the Andalusia region of Spain. The whole city today still follows a “Mediterranean Revival” style, known for its beautiful stuccoes walls, red tiled roofs, and windows in the shape of arches or circles overlooking lush gardens. To help maintain this tradition, the city itself offers incentives for buildings designed in this style, namely developers in Coral Gables who use a Mediterranean design can build bigger.

Not only is Coral Gables serious about the Mediterranean style, it also follows the “City Beautiful” movement of the early 1900s. The movement was determined to bring large architecture and grandeur in cities.  The noble reasoning behind this movement was hoping beautification could promote a harmony within the community and a high quality of life. This is also why the city itself is nicknamed “The City Beautiful.” Whether you live here or not, if you want to see a beautiful historic part of Florida, you should visit Coral Gables. Even when you schedule a donation pickup in Coral Gables, you are free to wonder down Ponce De Leon Blvd while having scheduled a donation pickup. The FBCF can collect donations from anywhere in Coral Gables, simply give us a call at 1-888-492-4483 or schedule your donation pickup online here.