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The pickupsforbreastcancer.org website provides a simple way for you to make good use of clothing and household items you no longer need.
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Donation Pickup Tequesta

Tequesta Donation Pickup

The Tequesta donation pickup area was named after the native Florida tribe, the Tequesta Indians. Tequesta was incorporated in 1957 as a planned community around the “Tequesta Country Club.” The village is a family-friendly community with hometown authenticity. Tequesta’s council-manager government offers various village events open to the public that can be found on their community calendar such as concerts at the park, “kids’ nights” and community festivals.

Tequesta’s small population of 5,800 really emphasizes the small-town feel compared to the rest of the county, for instance Boca Raton’s whopping population of 91,332 in the same county. Tequesta is not surprisingly very community-oriented, with local events and cultural centers for everyone. The wonderful thing is that Tequesta residents are able to take part in all of the community events and still contribute to many great causes. The Tequesta community spirit extends far beyond the city, as most residents like to contribute to the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation (FBCF). The residents schedule their donation pickup in Tequesta and then leave their items outside. The FBCF will send their donation pickup drivers and collect their items if they are in bags or boxes, so Tequesta residents can join in the town festivities.  Donation Pickup Tequesta

Residents can also visit the Lighthouse Art Center, northern Palm Beach and southern Martin counties’ oldest and largest visual arts organization. Here you can check out the local fine art collection, unique exhibits, guided tours, and even lectures from renowned speakers. The school located in center also offers classes for children and adults in ceramics, drawing, encaustic, jewelry and painting with all sorts of materials.

The Village of Tequesta is also a very honored to be part of the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation service area. The village enjoys personalized Tequesta donation pickups provided by “Pickups for Breast Cancer,” a branch of the foundation which has a set of drivers of who will be happy to drive to your specified place of pickup and collect your donations. If you are a Tequesta village resident conducting your yearly spring cleaning, or you are looking to donate anything from used clothing, old household items, electronics or even furniture, Pickups for Breast Cancer can assist you.

Donation Pickups in Tequesta, Florida

Whether you are at home or enjoying the guided ceramic classes, you can schedule a free donation pickup in Tequesta for a day of your choosing. Even on a regular family outing through Constitution Park in Tequesta, don’t feel obligated to cut your day short. You can leave your items outside your door in bags or boxes, rain or shine, as long as they are under a covered area. Our drivers are ready to pick up your donations on the day that is convenient for you once you call and schedule your pickup at 1-888-492-4483. Or if you would rather schedule your donation pickup in Tequesta on your own, please visit our website and type in your zip code. Our system will disclose the available dates for your zip code so you can select a date that works for you. Any used shoes, dresses, pants, or even antiquated home decorations you want to discard are beneficial to the fight against breast cancer. The Florida Breast Cancer Foundation collects your donation pickup in Tequesta to help provide funds for research, advocacy and education on this disease. You would not only be clearing your space from used items, but you would also be supporting the breast cancer community throughout the nation. Thanks for your support, lovely village of Tequesta!