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The pickupsforbreastcancer.org website provides a simple way for you to make good use of clothing and household items you no longer need.
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Donation Pickup Port St. Lucie

Port Saint Lucie Donation Pickup

Port St. Lucie is the highest populated city of Saint Lucie County, Florida. In fact, it was so densely populated in 2015 that it surpassed the population of one of the major cities of its neighboring Broward County, Fort Lauderdale. This fact alone has helped the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation add this city to as a service area, so any single resident among the masses can schedule their donation pickup in Port St. Lucie.

Port St. Lucie wasn’t always as populated however, in fact, it was entirely deserted territory in the fifties. All that was established at the time were fishing camps, farms and a couple of businesses. Fishing camps were cozy little sheds in the 1930s and ’40s that popped up along the waters where passerby could purchase live bait and rent fishing equipment. Then, the makeshift fishermen would take their fresh catch to be grilled or fried in the shed along the water. Aside from those minor attractions, the area didn’t have much to offer.

Port Saint Lucie’s “ghost town” status was about to change in 1958, when the General Development Corporation (GDC) bought the area for an entire $5, astonishingly. Soon after, the GDC had its first bridge constructed over the St. Lucie River, which finally allowed for direct automobile access to Port St. Lucie.Donation Pickup Port Saint Lucie

The masses started teeming in from then, and within the decade there were over two hundred new homes in the city. With this first round of successful progress, Port St. Lucie became an official city on April 27, 1961. This was the first major step in becoming an official FBCF service pickup area, where the residents could donate their unwanted household items, old clothes, shoes, electronics and more to the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation.  These donations cover much of the funding for the foundation’s breast cancer research, constantly striving to find a cure for the disease. Without these local donations, the FBCF wouldn’t be able to contribute as much to the cause. That’s why it is of utmost importance that anyone within the area schedules their donation pickup in Port St. Lucie. Anything helps, even worn and used clothes as long as they are still in wearable condition.

Today, Port St. Lucie boasts a high-income town, with illustrious golf courses, lovely public parks with wide open fields, and extremely low crime rate. The residents of Port St. Lucie are very comfortable, in fact, in 2012 BizJournals.com professed Port Saint Lucie as the city with the highest homeownership rate in the nation. Port St. Lucie also offers snug Florida temperatures from the sixties to the eighties, which makes for an everyday paradise. And if you would like to explore the sights in the city but still contribute to a good cause, the FBCF offers a free pickup service in Port Saint Lucie to enable everyone to have a good time. You don’t have to stay home to contribute. We do not require anyone to be present at the time of pickup. Consequently, anyone can explore the Post Saint Lucie sights and donate to the FBCF without being confined to their household, however, the donations must be under a covered area.

Sights to see:

There’s plenty to do after scheduling your donation pickup in Port Saint Lucie. For instance, the Savannahs Preserve State Park is one of Florida’s natural gems. The park offers all the essentials for every kind of outdoor lover. From kayaking and fishing in the wetlands to eight miles of trails for hiking, bicycling and horseback riding. You can also head to the Environmental Education Center where visitors can procure guided walks throughout this beautiful natural ecosystem, or even guided canoe tours for a more immersed view.

For more exotic plant species not native to Florida, take a drive down to visit the Friends of the Port Saint Lucie Botanical Gardens instead. This one is not just for the tourists. Anyone would be in awe of 21 acres of land. Starting with the Bamboo Gardens. The serene atmosphere of bamboo surroundings is the perfect place for a sunny day out. For a pop of color and more lively wildlife in your day, take a stroll through the other gardens. The other gardens offer a variety of seasonal and exotic plants and flowers, from every color of bromeliad to all shades of hibiscus plants and orchids, the Botanical Gardens have a special section for each kind of flower they showcase. Colorful butterflies also wander the gardens thanks to all the blooming buds. Actually, over a dozen distinct species of butterflies have made the Port Saint Lucie Botanical Gardens their home. Snap a picture of these gorgeous Florida natives, and if you’re fast, you may even catch a wild hummingbird in the background.

Locals and tourists can take in all the wonders of the garden and still contribute to breast cancer research by scheduling a donation pickup in Port Saint Lucie. Most of the locals contribute already by leaving their donation bags or boxes outside their home, and tourists can join too and schedule their pickups right from their hotel. The FBCF will collect donations from wherever you may be if you schedule your pickup ahead of time.

Donation Pickups in Port Saint Lucie

With all the wonders Port Saint Lucie has to offer, it’s no wonder that The Florida Breast Cancer Foundation (FBCF) is collecting donations in the area. Thanks to its free donation pickup service in Port Saint Lucie, Pickups for Breast Cancer, the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation(FBCF) is able to collect bags and boxes of clothes, household items, electronics, furniture and much more.

You can schedule a pickup by choosing a date that works for you. We can arrange to have our drivers travel to your specified location in Port Saint Lucie, whether it’s a place of residence or not, as long as you can leave your donations in bags or boxes under a covered area. Again, you do not need to be present for the pickup, so long as our drivers have the specific instructions on how to arrive to the pickup place. Afterwards, we will leave a blank tax-receipt for your tax deductions for the fiscal year.

If you live in Port Saint Lucie and are ready to schedule your donation pickup in Port Saint Lucie, simply call us at 1-888-492-4483 or click here to search your specific zip code. Your donations go a long way to support breast cancer research, advocacy and education so that the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation can find a cure to breast cancer once and for all. Thanks, Port Saint Lucie!