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The pickupsforbreastcancer.org website provides a simple way for you to make good use of clothing and household items you no longer need.
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Donation Pickup Pompano Beach

Free Donation Pickups in Pompano Beach, FL

The Pompano Beach donation pickup area got its name from the Florida pompano, a fish found off the Atlantic coast. It is said that one of the first documented settlers, Donation Pickup in Pompano BeachFrank Sheen, named the area after having had the fish, Pompano, for dinner and it must have been to his liking. In the late 1800s, railroad construction led to population growth and development. The Hillsboro Lighthouse was completed after this influx of progress in 1906, and it became a city landmark.

Pompano Beach has had an interesting history of being transferred into different counties. Almost overnight, borders were changed and maps were rewritten. For instance, Pompano was once a part of Miami-Dade County until Broward county was created in 1915, with its boundaries reaching until the Hillsboro Canal. At that time, Pompano Beach was part of the newly-established Broward county, despite the fact that when it was originally it was official Palm Beach county territory. Within the short span of eight years, Pompano Beach had been traded amongst three counties, having been once a city in each. The Florida land boom helped Pompano as it did the rest of Florida in the 1920s, and soon after, the population boom post-World War-II augmented the number of Pompano residents and expanded its borders to finally officially name it the city of “Pompano Beach.”

Pompano Beach began with the population of about six thousand residents in the 1950s and today the population has reached about 109,393 people with a median household income of about $41,000.  With this many thriving residents, it’s no wonder the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation has added this city to its donation pickup service area. The locals contribute to breast cancer research often by scheduling their free donation pickup in Pompano Beach. The people of the city gather their own used clothes or household items and call Pickups for Breast Cancer, the free pickup service division of the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation, to donate to breast cancer research and declutter their home. Sometimes you need more space in your bedroom to add that new TV set, or maybe to be able to make room for a new hobby, especially any aquatic hobbies-which are always popular by the beach.

The beach in Pompano is the heart of Florida’s Gold Coast, with its golden sand. All kinds of water sports can be practiced at the shores of Pompano Beach like paddle boarding and further in you can try your hand at deep sea fishing. The coast is filled with a variety of fish ranging from hog snappers, bluefish, sea trout, tarpon, mangrove snappers and of course, plenty of pompano!

Anyone with a scuba license can always take part in scuba diving as well or if swimming above the water is more your style, feel free to paddle board on the calm waves of Pompano Beach. If you find yourself out of the water instead, then you might want to join a pickup game of sand volleyball. Or if you would rather relax the rest of the afternoon in the public picnic areas, you are free to have your own picnic and eat it too complete with a wonderful view of our interactive water fountain overlooking the ocean.

The beach is open seven days a week and it’s very easy to enjoy a whole relaxing day at the beach while you donate to Pickups for Breast Cancer. In fact, many residents do just that. When in town, you can schedule your donation pickup in Pompano Beach and enjoy your sunny day at the beach without worrying about your pickup. We will schedule the pickup for a day that’s convenient for you and you can leave your donations right outside your door. Our drivers will collect the bags or boxes and leave a tax-deductible receipt that can be used to save on your end-of-the-year taxes!

Free Donation Pickups in Pompano Beach

The Florida Breast Cancer Foundation (FBCF) provides quality programs that advance breast cancer awareness, prevention, and research. Your used items help fund the FBCF’s valuable programs geared to end breast cancer. If you are visiting the city for the wonderful waters of the gold coast shore or you get to live in this Florida paradise, you can call us at 1-888-492-4483 and schedule your free Pompano Beach pickup from wherever you are staying. Pickups for Breast Cancer collects gently-used clothes, bedding, household items, electronics, furniture and more.

Our drivers will come to your door and pick up donations on the date of your choosing. Once you call our number or go to our schedule a pickup page, you can enter your zip code and choose the day that you would like us to drop by. The FBCF would like to thank you for all your contributions, Pompano Beach!