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The pickupsforbreastcancer.org website provides a simple way for you to make good use of clothing and household items you no longer need.
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Donation Pickup Ocoee Florida

Donation Pickup in Ocoee Florida

Ocoee Donation Pickup Services for Breast Cancer

The Ocoee donation pickup area was incorporated as a city in 1925. Over the years, highway construction became the pivotal advancement that fostered Ocoee’s development in the 20th century. Particularly State Road 50, which was built in 1959 to connect the Ocoee to a growing Orlando. Florida’s Turnpike finally opened in 1964 just south of downtown Ocoee.  Thanks to this development, Ocoee has been able to become an area where the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation (FBCF) provides a free donation pickup service. All our drivers can use the available transportation to drive to Ocoee residences and collect used household items, clothes, electronics and more to contribute to breast cancer research. However, the city of Ocoee has kept growing over the years to not only become part of the FBCF service area, but also has become connected to the world-famous Walt Disney World attraction of Orlando thanks to its Western Expressway.

Things To Do in Ocoee, Florida:

The feel of this city is that of deep peacefulness and yet also the liveliness on the countryside. People in this city have a friendly nature that welcomes tourists to stop by Ocoee and explore the country life in Florida. If you are planning a summer trip with family then you must book your tickets for Ocoee, Florida because you will get to see a side of Florida not many have ever witnessed. The friendly residents of Ocoee are also very giving, and donate to the FBCF often. Every month or so, they schedule their donation pickup in Ocoee and donate their unwanted items. That is the spirit of Ocoee, a friendly and giving “small town.”

For a real trip into the country part of Ocoee, you must explore Tom West’s Blueberries. Tom West, Inc., is a locally owned and operated blueberry and citrus farm right in Ocoee, FL. It’s a family-owned business ran by a father and son team, Milton and Scott West, who own and manage the farm. Tom West, Inc. supplies blueberries and citrus to the entire state of FloridaDonation Pickup in Ocoee, Florida every spring. Drop by to try some of Florida’s finest locally-grown berries.

The town of Ocoee, FL is just filled with naturally-grown produce thanks to its vast country farms throughout the area. The Lake Meadow Naturals farm market, not farmer’s market, but farm market, is literally a farm that you can schedule a tour in. The farm provides one-hour guided tours where you can observe the daily routine of a farm. Learn how the broiler farm and hydroponics work, or drop by with the whole family on Fridays or Saturdays to pick your very own, cage-free eggs!

Life can be very simple on the country side of Florida. Not only are there naturally grown produce, but there are also kind and giving people who care about the community. When visiting, the spirit of charity can be contagious. Contributing to causes like breast cancer research isn’t difficult with foundations like the FBCF. The FBCF provides a free pickup service, Pickups for Breast Cancer, that has an fleet of  noble drivers that will arrive at any specified location and carry out your donation pickup in Ocoee. So even if you are on a vacation learning about the daily duties on a farm or how to pick fresh grown blueberries, you can still donate to a good cause at the same time.

Free Donation Pickups in Ocoee, Florida

The city of Ocoee, FL is also a special zone where residents and visitors can provide generous donations for the betterment of breast cancer patients. Through our free donation pickup in Ocoee, Pickups for Breast Cancer can collect your non-monetary donations. We provide this complimentary service on behalf of Florida Breast Cancer Foundation to aid in their mission to end breast cancer. Anyone who wants to donate old clothes or household items can call us at 1-888-492-4483 or schedule their free pickup online. On our webpage, you can choose a date that’s works for you and we will have our drivers pick up your donations right from your front door! For more information on the pickup process take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page or call us for any questions you may have!