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The pickupsforbreastcancer.org website provides a simple way for you to make good use of clothing and household items you no longer need.
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Donation Pickup North Palm Beach

North Palm Beach Donation Pickup

Donation Pickup North Palm BeachThe North Palm Beach donation pickup area comes from a long history of  land owners, having been passed down through several land owners including Harry Seymour Kelsey, Boston entrepreneur, and later Sir Harry Oakes, gold mine owner and investor. In 1954,  what is now the city of North Palm Beach changed hands again to John D. MacArthur, American businessman but MacArthur was here to stay. He purchased 2,600 acres of land and developed through the problematic mangrove swamps and farm land. The previous owners of North Palm Beach didn’t sell without leaving their mark, though, as Sir Harry Oakes’ castle-like home became the official clubhouse for the North Palm Beach Country Club.

Surrounded by the Inter-Coastal Waterway, the North Palm Beach Country Club is now home to the celebrity Jack Nicklaus’s Signature golf course. One exciting piece of North Palm Beach is certainly this golf course. Tourists and residents alike flock on a daily basis to play a round of golf, thanks to North Palm Beach’s sunny weather year-round. So many of these golf players are Florida Breast Cancer Foundation (FBCF) donors; they basically contribute each year to ending breast cancer. Not only do they spend their weekends enjoying a relaxing game outdoors, but they can also schedule a North Palm Beach donation pickup with the FBCF and enjoy practicing their swing. When anyone wants to get rid of unwanted items like clothes, purses, golf gear, and even flip phones, they can call the FBCF and donate those items to a greater cause. Instead of dropping off donations at a store, donors need not miss out on any golf days with the FBCF’s free North Palm Beach donation pickup service.

North Palm Beach has some of the world’s highest-esteemed golf courses in the county. Professional golfers will want to take a swing in the picturesque Jack Nicklaus Signature course on the inter-coastal waterway, complete with elevation changes, rolling fairways, bunkers, and the beautiful view of the natural oak hammocks. With 5 sets of tees, the course was designed to be quite challenging but entertaining, perfect for a day out with friends or family.Boats on a dock, free pickup service North Palm Beach

North Palm Beach is also a big place for sea-lovers, with many nautical adventures, thanks to its proximity to the inter-coastal. The FBCF encourages everyone to donate while at sea, even when they are in the midst of sailing. It’s so easy to contact Pickups for Breast Cancer, the free North Palm Beach donation pickup service of the FBCF, and sail away while contributing to a great cause. Breast cancer patients all over the world benefit from the research conducted in Florida. And for a day out fishing in the North Palm Beach waters, Captain Jack’s fishing charters  guide the passengers on a deep sea or inshore fishing journey. With Captain Jack’s twenty-six-foot center console boat, you can have a successful fishing experience and catch one or more of Florida-water’s species like the Snapper, Kingfish, Wahoo, Mahi, Cobia, and Grouper.

Pickups for Breast Cancer in North Palm Beach

The Florida Breast Cancer Foundation (FBCF) needs help from North Palm Beach! Whether you are a local or just visiting, the FBCF is collecting clothing and non-monetary donations from the North Palm Beach area to fund our mission to end breast cancer. Through your contributions, we can fund breast cancer research, advocacy and prevention.

We offer a FREE  donation pickup service in North Palm Beach, Pickups for Breast Cancer, which you can use to schedule your free pickup online. Go to our “schedule a pickup page” to choose a date that’s right for you. Once you enter your zip-code in our search bar, you will see all our available pickup dates for your area. If you are having trouble scheduling your pickup on our site, you can call us at 1-888-492-4483 and our team of experts will schedule your pickup.

We appreciate any donations you can contribute, because truthfully, anything helps. Once we collect your donations from your doorstep, our drivers will hand you a tax-receipt in exchange for your generous donations. With this receipt, you can claim deductions on your taxes for the current year. The FBCF’s free pickup service, Pickups for Breast Cancer, wants to thank you in advance for all your contributions, North Palm Beach!