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The pickupsforbreastcancer.org website provides a simple way for you to make good use of clothing and household items you no longer need.
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Donation Pickup for Maitland, Florida

Donation Pickup in Maitland

Donation Pickups in Maitland, Florida

One of the earliest incorporated municipalities of Central Florida, Maitland, is a city rich in history which today contributes to the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation (FBCF) by encouraging its residents to schedule donation pickups in Maitland. How the city received its name is part of its relevant history, because the name came from William Seton Maitland, a hero of the Seminole Wars. First the renowned name was used for Fort Maitland, which was actually a small fort built on the west shore of Lake Maitland as a rest stop between Fort Mellon and Fort Gatlin. After the end of the wars in 1842, the town was still a very rural area until the construction of its first post office thirty years later. Finally, a city began to form with the post office as its epicenter. In 1885, the city was officially incorporated as the city of Maitland which would soon become the prosperous part of Orange County it is today.

Thanks to this prosperity, the city was chosen to be part of the FBCF’s service area. Here, the residents can donate any non-monetary items and all of these will contribute to the FBCF’s mission of ending breast cancer through their extensive breast cancer research. This valuable data will one day help find the cure to this horrid disease and its causes. If you are in the Maitland area, you can schedule your Maitland donation pickup for a date of your choosing and place your old clothes, shoes, household decorations, and more right outside your door and our drivers can collect it without any inconvenience. You may or may not be home for the pickup and our drivers will still drop by and collect your donations anyway. They will even leave behind a tax receipt that can make a significant difference in your tax returns at the end of the fiscal year.

What to do after a donation pickup in Maitland?

After scheduling your Maitland donation pickup, you are free to roam around the town and discover the hidden secrets of local entertainment. For instance, Maitland houses the only full time indie movie theater of Central Florida- The Enzian Theatre. This beautiful theater hosts the famous Florida Film Festival, an Oscar®-qualifying festival, premiering the best in current, independent, and international cinema.

Maitland is just full of a rich artistic and cultural experiences, with not just one theater but also countless art and history museums. In fact, five primary museums compose the only major conglomerate of art and history museums in Maitland, the A & H Museums. The A & H Museums offer five complete and distinct centers full of striking architecture, art exhibits, and rich history. The five museums are the Maitland Historical Museum, Carpentry Shop Museum, Waterhouse Residence Museum, Telephone Museum and the Maitland Art Center. If you would like to know more about Maitland, these are the places to go.

The best part of the A & H Museums is you can visit each and every exhibit and still contribute to a great cause. The FBCF has a free pickup service, Pickups for Breast Cancer, to collect any unwanted items such as old clothes, electronics, household items and use all of the proceeds from these donations to go towards funding breast cancer research. If you are interested in learning more about Maitland, you will be happy to know that donating to the FBCF is a Maitland pastime. While learning more about how the first Maitland community was settled, you can take part in this local tradition of giving. Every part of the museum is an insightful experience on the Maitland allure, but experiencing Maitland wouldn’t be complete without scheduling your Maitland donation pickup.

free donation pickups in maitland, florida

The A&H’s Maitland Historical Museum offers the permanent exhibition “Legacies: Creativity and Innovation” along with rotating seasonal exhibitions in its halls. Discover how our Floridian communities were first settled, with all the exhilarating challenges that eventually helped settlers reap the rewards through hard work and determination.

The A&H’s Carpentry Shop Museum was originally a woodworking and construction business owned by the pioneer settler and builder William H.  It was built on 1883 and all his old woodworking tools and materials were kept to create the museum it is today. Other tools in the area from around the same time period were brought into the museum as well to add to the permanent collection.

The Waterhouse Residence Museum is actually a restored household that was originally built in 1884 and owned by the pioneer Waterhouse family. The residence accurately represents a typical middle-class home from the late Victorian period. This museum also offers a guided tour that will take you back in time, with a thorough coverage of the period complete with cushioned furnishings and the feel of a Victorian Florida.

The quaint Telephone Museum is a true gem for history buffs. It takes you on a journey of our communications history and technology from the early twentieth century. In today’s day and age where smartphones are the norm, a rotary phone is no more than an odd-looking contraption. Children are especially fascinated by this museum because they have never seen this “ancient” technology.

Lastly, the Maitland Art Center’s main allure is the “Mayan Revival” exhibition full of “fantasy” architecture from the Southeast. The Art Center was primarily named the first National Historic Landmark in Central Florida because of this particular exhibit.

Overall, Maitland is great place for the whole family to visit. Its rich and intriguing history provides many tourist attractions for visitors and is a source of constant entertainment for the locals. And remember if you also have “ancient” technology in your home, such as flip phones or Windows Vista Desktops, it’s time for an upgrade.  When you get the newest gadget you can also donate your old ones to a great cause. Pickups for Breast Cancer collects outdated electronics that would have seemingly  no practical use, except we convert the materials into resellable items to raise funds for the FBCF. Together with the residents scheduling their Maitland donation pickups, the FBCF can raise enough funds to end breast cancer once and for all.

Pickups for Breast Cancer in Maitland, Florida

The Florida Breast Cancer Foundation is collecting non-monetary donations from Maitland, Florida to provide funds needed in support of breast cancer research, advocacy and prevention. Any clothing and household item donations are greatly appreciated. The Florida Breast Cancer foundation has been supporting tens of thousands of people suffering from breast cancer every year. Residents and visitors of Maitland can call or go online to schedule a free donation pickup right from their front door. If you are a Maitland resident or visitor, just think about how every time you need to get rid of an unwanted knick-knack, old décor, or even a shabby t-shirt you can contact Pickups for Breast Cancer and support breast cancer patients year-round. Let’s make breast cancer a thing of the past, schedule your Maitland donation pickup today.