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The pickupsforbreastcancer.org website provides a simple way for you to make good use of clothing and household items you no longer need.
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Donation Pickups in Lake Worth

Donation Pickup in Lake Worth

The donation pickup area of Lake Worth in Palm Beach County is now part of the service area where the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation (FBCF) collects non-monetary items from any place in the city. The FBCF employs a new pickup service that sends diligent drivers to collect donations from any front door, while leaving behind a tax receipt for the donor’s benefit for their future tax returns.Lake Worth Donation Pickup

Before Lake Worth was a donation pickup area, it had a fun naming history. Not surprisingly, Lake Worth originally obtained its name from a nearby lake which lies along the now-city’s eastern border. The lake itself was originally named “Lake Worth Lagoon” named after General William J. Worth, who was a general in the US battle against the Seminoles in the second Seminole war. Worth had a successful military career, winning many battles, which helped him rise through the ranks quickly. He commanded army occupations in Texas as well and so he has earned several monuments and villages in his name including the cities of Fort Worth, Texas and Lake Worth, Texas, and many more.

Today, Lake Worth has a relatively small population of about 37,812. This number makes for a tight-knit community with a high interest in local events and local news. While every resident participates in at least one local event a year, they kindly schedule their pickup donation for the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation while they attend some of these events. The local residents know that they can schedule their free donation pickup in Lake Worth and still join the street celebrations. Leaving their donations outside their door, the residents are free to roam about town and partake in the festivities while donating to breast cancer research.

Lake Worth is a very multicultural city where everyone enjoys learning more about the arts. In 2015, about 49% of residents spoke a language other than English at home, with an average of 3 people per household. Lake Worth is culturally rich and artistic, which makes it a perfect place for the Cultural Council of Palm Beach right in its historic downtown. The council is a pivotal group in the county that promotes and supports nonprofit cultural organizations and events for the entire county. Thanks to the council and many other cultural programs, the residents of Lake Worth can enjoy artistic events such as the Street Painting Festivals. This amazing festival lures more than six-hundred artists to showcase their art to the festival-goers. Each year, about 100,000 art lovers visit the jubilant event, either to enjoy the peculiar art or simply to enjoy the festive ambience complete with LIVE music and food trucks.

Lake Worth residents and visitors don’t have to wait all year for the food truck experience. Every 2nd Monday of the month the “food truck invasion” takes over the cultural plaza in downtown Lake Worth. Don’t miss the exotic bites you can find from each featured restaurant. Foodies will love this invaluable opportunity to try something from every corner of the city all in one place.

The best part of attending all the local events is that visitors and residents alike can schedule a free donation pickup in Lake Worth. No matter where you are, you can schedule a donation pickup even if you are just passing through as long as you leave your donations in a bag or box under a covered area right outside your hotel door. Pickups for Breast Cancer will gladly collect your donations completely free of charge from anywhere you go. Pickups for Breast Cancer collects any unwanted or used items in order to fund programs on behalf of the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation.  You can donate used clothes, electronics, and even old furniture. Hurry and call 1888-492-4483 or schedule your Lake Worth donation pickup online. Simply enter your zip code and choose a date that’s convenient for you. On behalf of the FBCF, we want to thank you for all your contributions towards breast cancer research, advocacy and education.