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Boca Raton Donation Pickup

 Donation Pick Up Boca Raton

Donation Pickup Boca Raton

History of Boca Raton: You may wonder how this city became one of Florida Breast Cancer’s donation pickup areas in Boca Raton. Or maybe, you wonder what the real meaning of the name Boca Raton is.  By the end of this article, you should have both of your answers. The name has always sparked interest, seeing as how it is a direct translation from Spanish meaning “Mouth Mouse.” In actuality the Spanish word “boca” can also mean “inlet;” therefore, the term “boca raton” is a navigational expression meaning “rocky/jagged inlet.” The original city to host this name was Biscayne Bay, a lagoon on the Atlantic coast of South Florida, more aptly named thanks to its jagged edges. However, in the beginning of the nineteenth century, navigators mistakenly called the lake in present-day Boca, “Boca Ratones.” Eventually, this led to the city name of “Boca Raton.”

The construction of what is now called the Intracoastal, with the Florida East Coast Railway, in the 1890s made for a very welcoming city. Just a short couple of years later, Boca Raton became an agricultural community, especially delving in pineapple cultivation. The Yamato Colony was one such group. A Japanese NYU graduate, Jo Sakai, signed an agreement with the Florida East Coast Railway to locate a proposed colony of Japanese pineapple farmers in the northern Boca Raton area, the Yamato Colony. The pineapple cultivation later failed in the wet swampy lands of Boca, and the Yamato community mostly dispersed. In May of 1925, the Town of Boca Raton was finally incorporated.

Boca Raton’s rich history of investors, pioneers, architects, and residents give Boca Raton many tourist attractions for present-day visitors. The Delray architect, Boca Raton Donation PickupWilliam Alsmeyer, created the Boca Raton Town Hall in 1927, and to this day it uses the original footprint design of the previous architect hired to build resorts in Boca, Addison Mizner. Tourists can visit the restored Town Hall, which is now the Boca Raton History Museum. The Museum has a number of Spanish antiques previously owned by Addison Mizner and intricate details that he designed.

The Yamato Colony also made its mark in present-day Boca, not only with the naming of “Yamato Road,” but also with George Sukeji Morikami, one of the last remaining settlers of the colony who hadn’t yet left for Japan. George Sukeji Morikami donated his land to Palm Beach County, wishing for it to become a park to preserve the memory of the Yamato Colony. The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens are now a beautiful part of Boca Raton that brings tourists from all over the state. The number of bamboo trees and collection of miniature bonsai trees are countless, while the six exceptional Japanese gardens designed by Hoichi Kurisu are a sight to behold.

Today, the city of Boca Raton is unofficially split into two parts, East Boca and West Boca. However, each side is massive, with the East boasting 80,000 residents and the West adding another 120,000 people.

Free Donation Pickups in Boca Raton, Florida

Pickups for Breast Cancer is a local organization that offers free donation pickup services to the city of Boca Raton, Florida on behalf of the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation.  We welcome any non-monetary donations, such as clothes, household items, mattresses, bedding, linens, electronics, and more. To view all the items we accept and how they should be placed, please go to our Donation Guidelines page.

Pickups for Breast Cancer offers FREE donation pick up throughout Boca Raton and neighboring cities. If you need help scheduling your free donation pickup on a day convenient for you, please call our team of experts at 1-888-492-4483 and we would be happy to assist you. Or if you would like to schedule the pickup, please go to our “schedule a pickup” page and follow the steps after entering your zip code. The page will prompt you with questions you must fill out to schedule your free pickup. Please enter any details about the pickup location you feel are important for our drivers to remember. We want the pickup process to go as smoothly as possible for every single donor; any useful instructions or side notes about your donations are of great help.

Thanks for all your help, Boca Raton!