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The pickupsforbreastcancer.org website provides a simple way for you to make good use of clothing and household items you no longer need.
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Donation Pickup Apopka, Florida

Donation Pickup in Apopka

Free Donation Pickups in Apopka

The city of Apopka is home to more than 50,000 residents who enjoy the pretty little town and scheduling donation pickups in Apopka. This city is home to a number of historic buildings such as the Apopka Seaboard Air Line Railway Depot, the Waite Davis House, the Mitchell-Tibbetts House and the Caroll Building which were both added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.
The small town of Apopka is a brooming place, especially with the upcoming transportation projects which will help connect all of central Florida. The scheduled completion of the Wekiva Parkway (SR 429) will complete Central Florida’s beltway and provide many travel alternatives by 2021. The parkway will also relieve SR 46, US 441 and other typically congested areas. This new project will allow for growth and more interconnectedness between Orange, Lake and Seminole Counties. Thanks to these recent developments and their scheduled completion dates, the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation (FBCF) is able to provide their free service of collecting unwanted items to be used for funding breast cancer programs and research. The FBCF employes a free pickup service, Pickups for Breast Cancer, with several drivers who are committed to the cause. These drivers will go to any location requested on the date that the donor chooses and collect their bags and boxes of donations. The donor doesn’t even have to be present at the time of pickup. So you can go ahead and enjoy the sunny days in Apopka with its wide recreational and natural attractions and still fulfill a donation to a charitable cause. Any worn clothes, electronics, household items, shoes, and even old knick-knacks can help contribute to the core mission of the program: to cure the breast cancer disease. Donation Pickup in Apopka

Donation Pickup Apopka- What then?

After scheduling a donation pickup in Apopka, visitors can check out the 180 acre Northwest Recreation Complex which is complete with six full sided soccer fields, six softball fields, a walking trail, four pavilions, tennis courts and more! Because you don’t even have to be at the location of the pickup, you have time to visit the best that Apopka has to offer, including one of the most beautiful natural eco-touring jewels in Florida, the Wekiwa Springs State Park, which is just a few minutes from downtown Apopka.

Wekiwa Springs is a magical place for the whole family, with its natural freshwater springs and underwater cavern that can be seen from the crystal-clear surface. Canoeing and kayaking fanatics can enjoy the Wekiwa River which is powered by the spring with 42 million gallons of water every day. If you haven’t been to Wekiwa park in Florida, you haven’t seen one of the hidden wonders of the world. While enjoying the beautiful springs, you can contribute to the whole community by scheduling your donation pickup in Apopka. You can get rid of extra luggage you brought on your trip and make room for new Wekiwa park souvenirs, like a freshwater rock you found in the depths of the underwater cavern.

Donation Pickup Services in Apopka, Florida

Attention all current and future residents of the city of Apopka, you can help end breast cancer by scheduling a donation pickup with us, the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation. Here at our Pickups for Breast Cancer branch, we offer a free donation pickup service in Apopka, Florida that you can schedule online or by calling 1-888-492-4483. All the donations will go towards funding The Florida Breast Cancer Foundation’s mission to end breast cancer.

It is our goal to keep supporting and educating the masses about breast cancer prevention. If you have any old clothes or unwanted household items, we will pick them up right from your front door. You don’t even have to be home. We will leave a tax receipt that you can fill out to receive deductions on your taxes. For more information check out our Orlando Area donation guidelines page to see what items we accept.

If you want to get rid of clothes or outdated home décor just give us a call and choose to make a difference. Your contributions will go a long way to support the advocacy, education and research of breast cancer with the hope of eradicating this disease once and for all.