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The pickupsforbreastcancer.org website provides a simple way for you to make good use of clothing and household items you no longer need.
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Donation Pickup Wellington

Wellington Donation Pickup

Donation Pickup Wellington

In the 1950s, a very successful businessman from New York bought the lands that would become the present-day Wellington donation pickup area, named after him. Typical of Florida, the land he bought would often be brimming with water. This problem was shortly remedied by the Acme Drainage District state project. The project was created in 1953 to address the flooding issue with controlled drainage technology. At first, the project was an overwhelming undertaking because Wellington’ land alone was 16 thousand acres, but once the land was drained it was rich and fertile. If it wasn’t for the draining project, the city would have never become one of the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation’s (FBCF) service areas.

After Wellington’s death, some 7,400 acres of his land were sold to the Investment Corporation of Florida (ICOF) in 1971 to develop the city. Right after construction, hundreds of homes began selling. By 1976, future residents of Wellington came pouring in.

Even though progress was slow to come by, Wellington is a very successful and affluent town today. Wellington did not become an independent municipality until 1995, and it held its second ever election for the village in 1998. It has come a long way from less than 100 residents in 1953 to today’s over 62,560. Most, if not all, of these residents donate to the FBCF to help breast cancer research. Wellington is a huge supporter of Pickups for Breast Cancer, the free pickup service the FBCF uses to collect donations.

Wellington is also a hub for equestrian tournaments, national and international. The best of the best young horse riders take summer classes in Wellington to be able to participate in these tournaments. These young horse riders grow into new horse gear every year, and donate their old saddles and riding boots to the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation. They contact the FBCF to schedule a donation pickup in Wellington and donate their used gear to advocacy programs, education and research. Anything helps! Any used gear, clothes, and helmets can be used to create valuable funds for the FBCF. Donation pickups can be scheduled even during tournaments, because no one must be present at the pickup location at the time of pickup.  Spectators too can enjoy this classical sport while contributing to a great cause – to end breast cancer, once and for all. Even if you do not participate in this classical sport, you should visit the International Polo Club, home to the most prestigious polo tournaments in the nation. Polo matches are open to the public and strongly recommended for those new to the sport.

Maybe crowded stadiums are not your thing, and you prefer calm and serenity. Wellington has the Peaceful Waters Sanctuary, with thirty acres of Florida wetlands and wildlife. Peace Waters Sanctuary has 1,500 feet of elevated boardwalk for a fun stroll through the park. For more enthusiastic hikers, the park offers a one-mile long walking trail through the woods. Every step is worth your hike, because the scenic grasslands emanate peace and tranquility with every blade of grass.

Pickup Donations in Wellington, Florida

All humans deserve this kind of peace, without having to worry that their health might be in jeopardy. The Florida Breast Cancer Foundation (FBCF) wants to offer peace of mind to breast cancer patients by finding a cure. We spend millions of dollars on this disease at top-research facilities attempting to figure out the undermining causes of breast cancer. Your donation pickups in Wellington, Florida go a long way to make this mission possible.

Donation Pickup Wellington The FBCF needs your non-monetary donations, meaning clothes, household items, furniture and other household knick-knacks you might not consider valuable. Not only does this help free your home from unwanted clutter, but it also goes towards funding quality programs and prevention centers dedicated to ending breast cancer. If you are in the Wellington area, make sure to call our free pickup service, Pickups for Breast Cancer, at 1-888-492-4483 and schedule your free Wellington donation pickup. Or if you would like to book the dates ahead of time, please visit our “schedule your free donation pickup page in South Florida”to search for dates available in your area.  We typically offer pickups in most of South Florida at least once during the week. We hope to hear from you soon, lovely village of Wellington, Florida!