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Donation Pickup Jupiter Island

Jupiter Island Donation Pickup

The Town of Jupiter Island, which was incorporated in 1953, has a history that overcame strife time and time again in pursuit of its “luxurious island” vision. Thanks to its status as one of the highest per capita income places in the country, it is also one of the kindest places that offer generous donations. The Florida Breast Cancer Foundation provides free donation pickups in Jupiter Island that collects any non-monetary donations from its residents to help fund the organization. However, you may be wondering, how did Jupiter Island achieve such economic success in the first place?

It all started with Florida’s swampy grounds which made the island fertile to grow tropical fruit for trading throughout the rest of the county. In 1892, a group of Donation Pickup Jupiter IslandEnglishmen bought some of Jupiter Island for this express purpose. They sought to develop the land for a pineapple farm. However, just as the rest of Florida, Jupiter Island was in for a weather catastrophe that would ruin most farmer’s plots.

Just two years later, the “1895 Florida winter freeze” ruined the citrus and pineapple industries which had become the backbone of the Florida economy. William Angas, a Scotsman with the land developing company who owned the farms, was given the role of minimizing the damage on Jupiter Island. He saved the company’s initial investment by liquidating all company property, but he could not save the farms. However, thanks to Angas, Jupiter Island quickly recovered. He built several hotels and cottages that established the island as a winter colony.

Later on, in 1925, during the Florida land boom, Picture City land development company had a vision for the Jupiter Island and Hobe Sound area. They dreamed of creating an architecturally Grecian, picturesque city that would bring production companies and movie stars to build their homes by the beach. The very next year, the land crash brought these plans to a halt, followed by the Great Depression. Today, Picture City would have been in disbelief to see their vision finally realized. After overcoming all the trials and tribulations of the Great Depression, Jupiter Island has become an island of luxury. The Hobe Sound Company developed the land to what it is today.

In 2010, Jupiter Island’s median income for regular residence on the island was $199,167.  The median income for a family was at least $250,000 per household. The per capita income has only grown since 2010. Jupiter Island’s dream homes and estates combined with their prime location by the shore has drawn some of the wealthiest and even most famous residents in the nation. George H.W. Bush, Celine Dion, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan are just some of the residents that own a piece on the highly-coveted Jupiter Island real estate. Some of these residents contribute to plenty of charity organizations. In fact, many residents schedule free, at-home donation pickups in Jupiter Island that help fund the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation.

Jupiter Island Donation Pickup

Jupiter Island has overcome a great deal of obstacles to succeed in the end. Now is the time to give back. If you are a Jupiter Island resident, you can help the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation (FBCF) by donating any unwanted household items, clothes, electronics or even furniture. These items help fund the FBCF’s mission to end breast cancer once and for all. Even if it the donated items are of seemingly no value like old t-shirts, worn sneakers or used jewelry, they still are a huge help for raising valuable funds needed for valuable cancer research.